MUGA Usage Update

Woodilee Residents Association

In a recent post the WRA flagged the increased demand from both commercial and non-commercial organisations for access to the MUGA to run group activities. Given the number of requests and potential for issues, the WRA have created a set of usage “do’s and dont’s” and a process for seeking permission to use for group activities. The aim was to implement some light touch co-ordination with restrictions on how and how often the MUGA can be used for group activities. As these activities are often used by residents the WRA took a decision to allow them.  You can view the operating guide here and “do’s and don’ts” here.  As always feedback from residents appreciated.

Further, we had a request from a local artist (Jackie Donachie) from Lenzie for use of the MUGA for one day as a location for a short film as part of an art project. It would be 7am-4pm, likely on Tuesday 27th April with contingency dates of Wednesday 28th April or Tuesday 4th May in event of bad weather. It will require full use of the MUGA for the duration.  As this is a community based project and thought it might be quite exciting for the estate the WRA took the decision to provide permission. We’ll post further updates on this in advance.

WRA / RMG Meeting, Feb 21

On 23rd Feb 2021, the Residents Association met with RMG to discuss the management of the estate following a “performance review” undertaken by the new committee installed in November 2020.

The Agenda used is shown below and the minutes are linked below.

An outcome of this was that the next committee meeting, scheduled for 16th March 2021, would now be moved to 25th March 2021 to act as a budget meeting with Melissa (RMG) in attendance.


RMG: Justin Herbert, Lisa Pieper and Melissa Syme
WRA: Ewan Miller, Paul Ellison, Gordon Jahn, Neil Logue
  1. Intros and statement from RA Chair
  2. RA Performance Review Recommendations
  3. Root One renewal
  4. Next Steps
  5. AOCB
  6. Close

The minutes can be found here: Review Meeting Final Minutes – 2021-02-23

Street Lighting Faults

The RA is aware that there have been a number of lighting faults around the estate in recent weeks and months.

The responsibility for fixing lighting faults varies across the estate – adopted roads (Menzies Drive and Calfmuir Road) are the responsibility of East Dunbartonshire Council whilst other roads remain the responsibility of the developer for that area.

In order to assist, RMG have recommended that faults can be passed to them and the property manager will pass them on to the appropriate authority, but it may also be beneficial to contact the builders directly to speed up resolution.

Contact forms for customer care:

Woodilee Factoring Service

At the last WRA AGM a number of residents joined and expressed openly their frustration with the service provided by our current factor for the wider Woodilee estate (RMG) who were appointed by the consortium of developers when the estate was first built.  RMG were in attendance and made verbal promises to progress to resolution the issues raised.  Similar frustrations and feedback were passed on by the outgoing WRA committee members.  The new WRA members (as a Committee) made a decision at this time to work with RMG and seek improvement over a short time frame. That promised improvement unfortunately hasn’t materialised. Today the WRA sent on a formal complaint to RMG. Attached was a detailed fact based assessment of their performance against their own documented service commitments. One of our Committee members spent considerable time over the festive period writing up this detailed and valuable document.  As we want to give RMG the right to respond (as per their quoted 10 day complaints procedure timeline) I cannot share the report publicly just now.  This formal complaint follows a similar one made by the outgoing WRA Chair in 2018.

The WRA would like to progress a “phased” approach to remediating our current factoring issues.  PHASE 1 is to seek a wider feedback from residents on their engagement with RMG and whether they would support voting to empower the WRA to replace them (should they fail to meet their own service commitments within a reasonable period of time).

PHASE 2 would be to formally run a voting process to make that decision. In advance of this the WRA would provide residents with further information on RMGs performance to date and the logistical and financial aspects of any switch. The powers to appoint another factor would also be caveated with constraints around cost and other aspects to ensure the WRA does not replace the current factor with a  factor that costs a lot more.

Should residents vote to empower the WRA to determine who factors the estate going forward we would intend to open discussions with a select group of alternative factors and compare their offering with what RMG have provided and provide at that time (including any uplift in performance).  PHASE 3 – Termination, selection and appointment of a new factor OR retention of existing factor would sit with the WRA.

Please note that performance observations relate to the property management service not the 3rd party vendors who provide services to the factor for the benefit of residents such as grounds maintenance. Clearly management and measurement of 3rd party vendors is a key factoring service but I just wanted to make that clear.

I would also flag that a number of streets within the Cala Ph2 development are classed as Oxgangs and NOT part of RMG’s Woodilee Village factoring contract. They have a separate contract with RMG. Further, many of the blocks of flats have separate contracts with RMG for factoring services related specifically to the flats. This is in addition to the fees paid by these flat owners for RMG’s management of the wider estate. The clock tower flats have previously replaced RMG for this factoring service (which included also the grounds specific to the Clocktower) as have one of the blocks of flats on Rutherford Drive.  I raise this as I think many residents are not aware of the factoring arrangements and accountabilities in place across the wider estate.

To help us assess resident’s appetite to empower the WRA to progress this agenda, can you email us at with your thoughts/feedback/concerns and whether you would support such a proposal if presented in future as a formal vote.

Aldi Planning

As many residents will already be aware, Aldi are running a consultation on building a new store close to Woodilee and adjacent to the Kirkintilloch Link Road / Initiative Road.

An initial session took place earlier this month, but another opportunity to provide feedback still exists.

A website detailing the plans can be found at and the letter below gives details of an additional opportunity to join a webinar on the proposals.

Aldi Kirkintilloch Residents Letter