AGM 2020 – New Date

Annual General Meeting

The Woodilee Residents Association Annual General Meeting has now been rescheduled for Tuesday 20th October from 7pm on Zoom. 

Committee members will be elected at this meeting from the nominees submitted following our member appeal.  Any contested committee positions will go to a vote where a majority decision will be upheld.

If you are able to attend the AGM on 20th October you must register using the online form below no later than 10pm on Sunday 18th October 2020

The following notes apply:

  • Your data will only be used only to:
    • validate you as a resident of Woodilee and therefore your eligibility to attend the AGM
    • send you, by email, an invite to the Zoom meeting
  • Your data will be retained for no longer than 30 days from the point of submission, at which point it will be purged automatically
  • The invitation to the Zoom meeting will come from Please add this to your contacts if you think it will be blocked by any spam filters you have in place

If you are unable to attend the AGM:

  1. please download and fill in the Proxy Form
  2. E-mail a photo of the completed form to

AGM Registration Form

( Please register if you wish to attend the AGM on Sunday 18th October )


**** Registration now closed ****

Committee Member Appeal for AGM

Woodilee Residents Association are appealing for NEW members.  Our Annual General Meeting is due to be held in late September and we are now inviting nominations for committee positions. 

Working together to achieve our common goals is more important than ever and we want more of our residents to get involved with the Association to help build an even better community in Woodilee.  We need people to volunteer their time and skills to help make that happen.

As a group of volunteers, the WRA act in the best interest of our community, working together on behalf of the 860+ households and residents living in Woodilee and influencing decisions in the best interests of the whole estate.  Without the WRA we (the residents) will lose our ability to take direct action on, and influence the outcome of, the issues of most concern across our community.  The right to instruct work on behalf of residents will then fall to the discretion of our factor, without the need for a vote, up to a value of £5000.  A percentage of homeowners then need to lodge their objections to overturn any decisions taken.  Works of a higher value would be presented to all homeowners to review and then a percentage of homeowners would need to vote in favour before any works could be actioned.  Due to the number of returns required this would result in the need for additional management, administration, and time to allow for the process to be implemented and would impact resolution timescales considerably.  It is therefore imperative that we have new members join the committee who can take an active role in the Association’s business to prevent the RA from folding and ensure the issues we raise are managed appropriately.  The current committee have seen a drastic reduction in members in recent months, due to changes in peoples’ working and personal commitments, and others moving out of the area.  We also recognise the need to increase our committee membership to ensure all areas of Woodilee are fairly represented and to improve communications and maximise the efficiency of the group.  Whilst the RA represents Woodilee residents, regrettably this does not include those residing in the Oxgangs area of Woodilee, located in the Cala 2 Phase, due to them having a separate Deed of Conditions and therefore not being eligible to hold a committee position or vote on any RA matters.  However, all residents are welcome and encouraged to highlight issues and attend meetings.

There is a lot to be managed across the estate and working with factors, community councils, our local council, fellow residents, and contractors to address the issues raised is the only way to see improvements take shape.  We need to build relations and take actions to effect results.  There are no promises all issues will, or can, be fixed, but if we all work together, we can make Woodilee an even better place to live!

About the Village

The Woodilee estate covers an impressive 73 hectares, extending from the railway line at the southern boundary, up to Woodilee Road to the west, running north alongside the Old Aisle cemetery and the Oxgangs residential area then extending to Fauldhead to the east.  The site consists of substantial woodland areas, forming part of the Oxgang Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), with a section of the Bothlin Burn running through the estate from south to north before joining the River Luggie.  We have three play areas, a woodland trim trail, a basketball court, a MUGA (Multi Use Games Arena, the ‘courts’ or ‘pitches’), a Bridle Path running along the southern boundary, a network of pathways and several staircases.  There are also large areas of common grounds throughout the development as well as a considerable number of factored areas within each developer phase.  Every homeowner within Woodilee shares ownership of all these common grounds, from the woodlands to the bridle path, and from the parks to the open grass areas.

As a result of both the size and scale of our estate, Woodilee has a range of complex management needs that are not typical of the type of property factoring seen in most modern housing developments, where communal grounds generally consist of amenity grass areas, shrub beds, and a limited selection of play equipment. 

The extensive communal grounds, including the developer phase areas, are currently maintained through a factoring service provided by RMG Scotland and our site representative is Melissa Syme.  The contract for the majority of grounds maintenance is currently held by Root One West, who have one to two teams on site at least once per week throughout the year, to implement a schedule of regular works managed on a rotational basis across the entire site.  The general ground maintenance tasks include, but are not limited to, grass cutting, pathway border and fence back strimming, shrub control and bed maintenance, weed management, emptying of non-municipal bins, litter picking, redistribution of fallen leaves to woodland ground layer, and replacement of wood chippings in play parks.  Root One West also undertake repair, remedial and other ad hoc grounds maintenance requirements as requested, such as the repair and reinstatement of common grounds to original finish where resident, vehicle tyre, or utility services damage has occurred.  Additional contractors are brought in for specialist tasks as and when required, following consultation with qualified personnel and an appropriate tendering process.

About the Association

The Woodilee Residents Association committee act collectively to represent the residents of our community on matters of local significance, to ensure the common grounds are responsibly managed, and to promote the interests and well-being of people living in Woodilee.  All committee roles are now open for election, and the WRA are seeking three office bearers in the positions of Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  No less than three members must be appointed to form the basis of the committee with additional positions available as appropriate.  The Association have previously appointed additional positions of Vice-Chair, Events Co-ordinator, Community Liaison (to represent the WRA at local community council meetings in Lenzie and Waterside), and IT Support (looking after the website, emails and social media channels), along with a number of Ordinary Members (who oversee the activities of the committee ) and Phase Representatives (named contacts who represent and liaise with the residents of each specific phase, e.g. Charles Church, Springfield, Miller, Cala etc, to report issues to the committee).  Only one individual from each qualifying household may take a position on the committee, and all previous committee members may put themselves forward for re-election.

All residents may nominate individuals or volunteer themselves for any such committee positions, provided the nominees are homeowners currently living in Woodilee.  Nominations for office bearing positions (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) will require a seconder, who must also be a current homeowner living in Woodilee and not of the same household as the nominee. 

If you are interested in helping achieve more for our community by taking a role in the committee please email a note of your interest, specifying the office bearer position or committee role you wish to be considered for, including your name, address and contact number, to for office bearer positions should also include a note of the Seconder’s name and address.  All nominations must be submitted no later than SUNDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2020.



A notice of the AGM will be issued by RMG Scotland, who manage the administration of this meeting on our behalf as part of their management duties.  Nominations will be collated and shared ahead of the AGM.  Residents will be invited to attend the meeting in person/online (as current guidance permits) or to return a proxy vote in their absence (one per household).  The AGM will include a report from the outgoing Chair, a report from Melissa Syme of RMG Scotland, and the committee elections.  All contested positions will go to a vote where a majority decision will be upheld.  Residents who wish to raise an item for consideration by the newly elected committee at their subsequent meetings can do so by submitting an appropriately completed Motion Submission Form, available on the WRA web site.

Further information:


The officers of the Association have a duty to further the aims of the Association, the purpose of which is to implement the terms of the Deed of Conditions and preserve the amenity of the development.

The Chair shall guide the meetings and interactions of the Association and its committee.  If the Chair is absent, the Vice Chair, or in the event of there being no VC another Committee member, will take over. 

The Treasurer shall review and assess the Woodilee accounts held by the estate factor, requesting details of income and expenditure, and management fees paid and outstanding (debt).  The Treasurer will also report on the accounts as required by the committee, at General Meetings.  The accounts should be available for inspection by any member of the Association.

The Secretary is responsible for arranging meetings and giving the relevant notice to members.  The Secretary shall ensure that a proper record is kept of all meetings of the Association and its committee in the form of minutes and make them available as required by the committee.  A register of members’ names and addresses will also be kept by the Secretary.

A member appointed to represent the Association in discussions or communication with any other body (including the media) shall act on the instructions of the committee and shall report back to the following committee meeting or General Meeting, whichever is the sooner.  No member of the Association will speak on behalf of the Association without the prior approval of the committee or members.


An Annual General Meeting is called once per year, at which time elections of new Association Committee members takes place.  The AGM is open to all members and to all those eligible for membership.  General Meetings of the Association are held on a quarterly basis (at least three per year) and are open to all committee members.  At each General Meeting, the Committee report on the progress of all activities relevant to the Woodilee estate and consideration given for new matters raised.  The estate factor is also invited to provide a progress report to update the committee on their management of resident issues and the maintenance of common grounds.  Decisions taken at the General Meetings are binding on the committee and reached by a majority vote of the members present.  The Committee may call additional meetings of its appointed members as required throughout the year.

Shop Local

Shop Local

The Woodilee Residents Association are delighted to be able to offer a facility for businesses owned and operated by individuals who live in Woodilee Village to advertise their products and services to other residents. Every month we will promote to our followers on Facebook a page on our web site at containing details of all businesses who have registered for this scheme.

There is no charge to businesses for this service, but if you’d like to offer a discount to residents of Woodilee Village then this would help encourage the Shop Local ethos.

If you’d like to advertise on our web site and have your business promoted monthly please send an email to with the following details :

  • Name AND address of the business owner (will not be published or shared)
  • Name of your business
  • Two of the following 3 items :
    • A flyer (JPEG, PNG, GIF) with details of your business
    • Logo of your business
    • Some descriptive text that you want associated with your mini page

Adverts will be published on our Shop Local page :

Please note that it is not possible to provide regular updates to your mini page on the web site.

Faster Broadband has arrived

Faster Broadband

In July 2020 Openreach installed a number of fibre cables across Woodilee Village heralding the start of the Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) roll out. This offers speeds of up to 900Mbps and is currently understood to be available to the majority of the village. This means the majority of residents now have a number of options available to them including :

  • Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) offering speeds of up to 70Mbps
  • Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTP) offering speeds up to 900Mbps

Unfortunately there are reports that it’s not currently available to the blocks of flats across the village and we don’t know if this will be resolved any time soon.

There are reports that Virgin Media will also be rolling out fibre across the village. Further details will be added in due course.

You should use the OpenReach Fibre Checker to verify what options are available to your home.

Community Safety Advice

Police Scotland

Police Scotland have issued the following safety advice. Please take the time to have a read of it and take any necessary steps to help secure your home.

“Being vigilant and protecting your own property will make you far less likely to become the victim of acquisitive crimes such as theft or housebreaking. If you see anything suspicious please consider calling Police Scotland on our non emergency telephone number 101 to report the matter. You will never waste our time. We rely on the public to provide this kind of information in order that we can target our patrols. You can also provide information anonymously if you prefer by calling CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800555111 or online at

You may find the following crime prevention advice useful.

  • KEEP CAR AND HOUSE KEYS well away from your doors. Thieves use fishing rods and poles with magnets to reach through letterboxes and through open windows in order to steal car keys. Consider hiding them at night.
  • LOCK ALL DOORS and close windows at night and when you are not at home. Thieves travel to housing estates and walk around at night trying door handles until they find unlocked doors. They rarely force entry to houses.
  • If you have an alarm system make sure it’s set when you leave the house. If you don’t have an alarm system consider fitting a “dummy alarm box” in a place visible from the roadway. Thieves are often deterred merely by the sight of an alarm box and will move onto the next house.
  • Keep valuables such as handbags, purses, wallets, laptops etc out of sight. Consider taking them into your bedroom with you at night. Do not leave valuables in your car, especially around Christmas time.
  • If you share a communal stairwell, ensure the door entry system is well maintained.
  • Make your house looks occupied when you are out – use timer switches on lights even when you are at work. Consider fitting external security lights.
  • Consider hiding irreplaceable items which have sentimental value where thieves would be unlikely to look… just in case.

Further advice and information can be obtained online from the Police Scotland
website at or from your local police office”

JustGiving Appeal Update

On Saturday 9th June a lightning strike in Woodilee Village caused extensive damage to the Malcolm’s home and the destruction of most of their belongings. Fire and water damage mean the property needs to be rebuilt and as a result the family have been displaced until the building works are complete. In the days following the fire a large number of people approached the Woodilee Residents Association wanting to help, but not really sure how to go about doing so. In response to these requests the Association set up a fundraising page, with the intention of providing the Malcom’s with a fund they could use to help get them back on their feet. The fund attracted donations from the local community, as well as from those further afield.

The Association have since met with the family to discuss distribution of the monies raised. The Malcolm’s are incredibly touched by the generosity shown by all who contributed and extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated. They are grateful to have the majority of their needs met by insurance and as such have asked for much of the fund to be distributed to a number of local charities. There has, however, been a negative impact on their children following the events of that day, and the subsequent disruption to family life, so the Malcolm’s will retain a portion of the monies raised to create more positive memories for the whole family during this challenging time.

The charities that will benefit are:

The Malcolm’s immediately sympathised with Babes in the Wood on hearing the group’s shop in Bishopbriggs was also badly damaged in the same June storm. Babes in the Wood offer support to local families that have been referred to them by health visitors, social workers, family support workers & women’s aid. Despite the distressing event it was fantastic to see the local community rally round, and both the Malcolm’s and the Woodilee Residents Association would like to thank everyone who donated or provided support to the family.