Woodilee Residents Association

Manager Role Update

Further to the WRA running an EGM to seek a mandate to select a different Factor / Manager for the estate, the WRA has been working hard over the past few weeks to implement the decision.

After the EGM on 20th October, the WRA created a timeline for the replacement and an initial Pre-Qualification Questionnaire that would be open to any factor interested in responding.

The PQQ was openly published on this site on 29th October and was directly sent to all contactable Property Managers listed under the Glasgow section of the Property Managers Association Scotland.  We additionally sent to two firms that had contacted us directly.  In total twenty invites were sent.

By the closing date of 12th November, of the twenty invites sent, we had received a total of seven full responses to the PQQ and three factors confirmed that they would not bid.

The PQQs were then independently scored by three different members.  The Secretary led the development of the PQQ document and therefore did not participate in the scoring stage.

Following this, on 8th December, a special meeting (CM2021-12b) took place to review the results of the PQQ scoring and to decide how many of the ranked Managers would be taken forward to tender where we request specifics on service and costs, and this resulted in a decision to take forward the top four from the PQQ stage.

As of 8th December, the top four scoring bidders from the pre-qualification stage have been invited to provide this additional information by 22nd December to allow the committee to review the supplied material and make a decision on if and how to proceed in January 2022.

The committee do not intend to make all information provided by bidders publicly available, but householders covered by the WRA can, of course, request access to any information.  Should anyone wish further information, or want to get involved with this process, please contact us.