WRA / RMG Meeting, Feb 21

On 23rd Feb 2021, the Residents Association met with RMG to discuss the management of the estate following a “performance review” undertaken by the new committee installed in November 2020.

The Agenda used is shown below and the minutes are linked below.

An outcome of this was that the next committee meeting, scheduled for 16th March 2021, would now be moved to 25th March 2021 to act as a budget meeting with Melissa (RMG) in attendance.


RMG: Justin Herbert, Lisa Pieper and Melissa Syme
WRA: Ewan Miller, Paul Ellison, Gordon Jahn, Neil Logue
  1. Intros and statement from RA Chair
  2. RA Performance Review Recommendations
  3. Root One renewal
  4. Next Steps
  5. AOCB
  6. Close

The minutes can be found here: Review Meeting Final Minutes – 2021-02-23

Street Lighting Faults

The RA is aware that there have been a number of lighting faults around the estate in recent weeks and months.

The responsibility for fixing lighting faults varies across the estate – adopted roads (Menzies Drive and Calfmuir Road) are the responsibility of East Dunbartonshire Council whilst other roads remain the responsibility of the developer for that area.

In order to assist, RMG have recommended that faults can be passed to them and the property manager will pass them on to the appropriate authority, but it may also be beneficial to contact the builders directly to speed up resolution.

Contact forms for customer care:

Aldi Planning

As many residents will already be aware, Aldi are running a consultation on building a new store close to Woodilee and adjacent to the Kirkintilloch Link Road / Initiative Road.

An initial session took place earlier this month, but another opportunity to provide feedback still exists.

A website detailing the plans can be found at https://aldiconsultation.co.uk/kirkintilloch/ and the letter below gives details of an additional opportunity to join a webinar on the proposals.

Aldi Kirkintilloch Residents Letter