Woodilee EGM October 2021

(Updated 22:35 on 17th October to revise the date / time of the latest confirmations that have been sent out)

Many thanks to all the owners that have already returned their voting forms and / or requested an invite to the EGM the WRA have scheduled for next Wednesday, 20th October, at 7pm. 

We have sent back confirmations of the options we’ve recorded for each respondent up to 10.30pm this evening (17th October) to confirm that we have received and processed the message.  If you submitted a form before this time and do not have a confirmation, please get in touch and we can check you are represented.  Please note that some confirmations do seem to have gone to junk mail, so do check it’s not ended up in there!

We have had a few questions to the mailbox which largely fall into two camps – “why are we doing this now” and “what happens next”. 

In response to these questions, we have directed owners to a recent post on this topic and explained that in order to enter commercial negotiations, we do need to have a clear authority to be able to appoint a replacement factor before getting into details and that the next steps will depend on how negotiations progress. We do expect to draw up a tendering document where we can dispassionately assess the options and owners are, of course, welcome to join the meetings as this takes place – simply email e-mail us for invites to join any of the committee business.  Of course, if there are other questions we’re happy to take them!

Taking all this into account, an EGM Proposed Agenda has been prepared and owners are welcome to provide comments or feedback on this, should they wish the committee to provide additional details during the meeting.

As a reminder, for the EGM to be quorate and be in a position to make any resolution, including the motion posted through everyone’s door, we need to get at least 20% of owners to either respond on paper or attend. We’re making good progress, but there’s still work to do!  If you have seen the form, but can no longer find it, please let us know and we can either drop off another or provide a PDF copy for you to complete.