Woodilee Residents Association

Factor Appointment

The RA can announce that following the vote in October, when residents gave the RA a mandate to select a new factor for Woodilee Village, we have now completed a tender process and selected Newton Property Management as our new factor. They will start in role on 1st May to align with commencement of our new budgetary year when new invoices are issued to residents. We have notified RMG that we wish to terminate their role on 30th April.

Newton Property Management scored top in both our pre screening and Invitation to Tender stages. Their management fees are less than RMG. They are a local company and understand the Scottish market. They have also offered to transition over any outstanding debt, dependent on RMG being willing to pass over final account positions for each unit in the estate. Newton Property Management will be in touch with all residents in due course.

This has been a long and arduous journey over 4 and half years, across 2 formations of the RA. Several residents have dedicated considerable time to this enterprise which is essentially about getting value for money and a decent service.

We hope that RMG will continue to provide the service that residents are paying for to end April as well as supporting a professional transition to our new factor as they are duty bound to do by the Factors Code of Conduct.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@woodilee.org.uk

Further details on our tender process and timeline can be found here