Community Safety Advice

Police Scotland

Police Scotland have issued the following safety advice. Please take the time to have a read of it and take any necessary steps to help secure your home.

“Being vigilant and protecting your own property will make you far less likely to become the victim of acquisitive crimes such as theft or housebreaking. If you see anything suspicious please consider calling Police Scotland on our non emergency telephone number 101 to report the matter. You will never waste our time. We rely on the public to provide this kind of information in order that we can target our patrols. You can also provide information anonymously if you prefer by calling CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800555111 or online at

You may find the following crime prevention advice useful.

  • KEEP CAR AND HOUSE KEYS well away from your doors. Thieves use fishing rods and poles with magnets to reach through letterboxes and through open windows in order to steal car keys. Consider hiding them at night.
  • LOCK ALL DOORS and close windows at night and when you are not at home. Thieves travel to housing estates and walk around at night trying door handles until they find unlocked doors. They rarely force entry to houses.
  • If you have an alarm system make sure it’s set when you leave the house. If you don’t have an alarm system consider fitting a “dummy alarm box” in a place visible from the roadway. Thieves are often deterred merely by the sight of an alarm box and will move onto the next house.
  • Keep valuables such as handbags, purses, wallets, laptops etc out of sight. Consider taking them into your bedroom with you at night. Do not leave valuables in your car, especially around Christmas time.
  • If you share a communal stairwell, ensure the door entry system is well maintained.
  • Make your house looks occupied when you are out – use timer switches on lights even when you are at work. Consider fitting external security lights.
  • Consider hiding irreplaceable items which have sentimental value where thieves would be unlikely to look… just in case.

Further advice and information can be obtained online from the Police Scotland
website at or from your local police office”

JustGiving Appeal Update

On Saturday 9th June a lightning strike in Woodilee Village caused extensive damage to the Malcolm’s home and the destruction of most of their belongings. Fire and water damage mean the property needs to be rebuilt and as a result the family have been displaced until the building works are complete. In the days following the fire a large number of people approached the Woodilee Residents Association wanting to help, but not really sure how to go about doing so. In response to these requests the Association set up a fundraising page, with the intention of providing the Malcom’s with a fund they could use to help get them back on their feet. The fund attracted donations from the local community, as well as from those further afield.

The Association have since met with the family to discuss distribution of the monies raised. The Malcolm’s are incredibly touched by the generosity shown by all who contributed and extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated. They are grateful to have the majority of their needs met by insurance and as such have asked for much of the fund to be distributed to a number of local charities. There has, however, been a negative impact on their children following the events of that day, and the subsequent disruption to family life, so the Malcolm’s will retain a portion of the monies raised to create more positive memories for the whole family during this challenging time.

The charities that will benefit are:

The Malcolm’s immediately sympathised with Babes in the Wood on hearing the group’s shop in Bishopbriggs was also badly damaged in the same June storm. Babes in the Wood offer support to local families that have been referred to them by health visitors, social workers, family support workers & women’s aid. Despite the distressing event it was fantastic to see the local community rally round, and both the Malcolm’s and the Woodilee Residents Association would like to thank everyone who donated or provided support to the family.

RMG Annual Maintenance Charge notice


Customers registered on the RMG Living and receiving paperless correspondence, will have received notification that the annual maintenance charge for Woodilee Village Estate 2018/2019 is now due. Customers who receive hard copy correspondence will receive their request for payment by post shortly.

As RMG have experienced delays in preparing and issuing this year’s budget which was due 1st May, this recent charge is showing as due for payment now. RMG would urge all Owners to make payment of their share of the annual maintenance cost as charged, at the earliest opportunity, to ensure they continue to hold sufficient funding for the estate. Please do however note that RMG will allow a standard period 30 days for customers to make payment. To clarify, the charges due for payment for the year 01/05/18 – 30/04/19 are £191.67 in total. This is the amount you should pay for this year. If you have an outstanding balance on your account from previous years, RMG will write to shortly about the recovery of these unpaid charges.

You may find it helpful to spread the cost of the annual maintenance charge over 9 monthly payments by direct debit. You can contact RMG Customer Service Centre on 0345 002 4499 if you would like to arrange to pay your account by direct debit or click on the MAKE A PAYMENT link within your account on RMG Living. This will allow you to pay by debit or credit card, or set up a direct debit payment arrangement online. On your RMG Living statement of account, you will currently see some additional, recent itemised entries. Please note that from now on, you will see individual items of expenditure detailed on your account as these are processed by RMG Scotland. This will provide you with greater visibility of costs as they are incurred by the Woodilee Village maintenance fund and your individual share of these. Please note that you are only requested to pay your share of the maintenance charge and sinking fund which has been invoiced to you, and not the itemised items that will show on the account with NO DUE DATE.

Fire following recent storm


During the recent storm a house in Woodilee Village was struck by lightning resulting in a fire, substantial damage and the family being displaced from their home. We have set up a crowd funding page to provide some financial support to the family. Please follow the link below if you would like to donate. All monies raised will go directly to the family.

Community Council Boundaries & Woodilee

Lenzie Community Council

Woodilee Residents Association and Lenzie Community Council have been in discussions regarding the Community Council boundaries that apply to Woodilee. It is apparent the current Community Council boundaries are around 20 years old and bear no relation to the layout of housing in Woodilee, with houses falling under Kirkintilloch Community Council or Waterside Community Council boundaries and currently none under Lenzie Community Council. The Community Council boundaries serve to define the area for which each Community Council takes responsibility, and do not determine ward or school catchment. The clear definition of Community Council boundaries offers residents the opportunity to become members of, and participate in, an identified Community Council for that area. Community Councils represent the residents to the local council on a range of issues, including the statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and in communicating the aims and concerns of the community they serve.

If you’d like to find out more about what a Community Council does, please follow this link :

To find out more about what the Lenzie Community Council in particular do, please follow this link :

Woodilee Residents Association are keen to see the estate boundaries re-aligned with a single, active Community Council to ensure the entire Woodilee community is properly represented within East Dunbartonshire Council. Aligning with Lenzie Community Council will allow for clearer and more effective communication between the represented parties.

Lenzie Community Council is a very active group giving due consideration to planning concerns and local environmental issues. Every year the Lenzie CC runs the Lenzie Gala Day, the New Year Jog and the Christmas Lights Switch On, all examples of just some of the events Lenzie CC members organise for the benefit of the

Find out more about Lenzie Community Council on their website:

To understand how the residents of Woodilee would like to be represented in the Community Council structure of East Dunbartonshire, the Residents Association and Lenzie Community Council have produced a short survey and posted it to all Woodilee residents (via the factor RMG). This will allow us to determine the views of Woodilee and action accordingly. Please return one survey per household. A majority rule will apply. Please return completed surveys to the ballot boxes located in The Old Gatehouse or the Deaf-Blind Scotland Offices no later than WEDNESDAY 23rd MAY 2018.