Faster Broadband

Faster Broadband

Want faster internet? Read on! Action required below.

The Greater Glasgow area is included in Openreach’s plans to roll out fast broadband known as Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). It does this by connecting your home to the exchange using fast fibre optic cabling eliminating any old copper wire technology (which was never designed for internet connections).

In order to help Openreach understand the level of demand from Woodilee for such a service it would be useful if all residents interested in such a service could register on the web site below following these steps simple steps:

1. Click on the link
2. Enter your postcode
3. Select your address
4. Scroll down to “Register your interest”
5. Enter your details and click Submit

It will take about 60 seconds to do (depending on your current internet speed of course).

Fire following recent storm


During the recent storm a house in Woodilee Village was struck by lightning resulting in a fire, substantial damage and the family being displaced from their home. We have set up a crowd funding page to provide some financial support to the family. Please follow the link below if you would like to donate. All monies raised will go directly to the family.

Kirkintilloch Community Council Consultation

Kirkintilloch Community Council Consultation have put a questionnaire online and looking to get it completed by as many people local to Kirkintilloch as possible.

It can be found at

They also have a range of events coming up 25th to 27th January, full details of which can be found at but specifically, these are:

Drop-in Sessions
Come in any time to share your thoughts.
Lesser Hall, Kirkintilloch Town Hall
Thursday 25 January – Saturday 27 January, 10am – 5pm

Pop-up sessions
William Patrick Library, Thursday 25 January, 1:00 – 5:00pm
Regent Centre, Friday 26 January, 10am – 1:00pm
Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre, 27 January, 10am – 1:00pm

Public Workshops
Join us for one of these informal workshop sessions to discuss ideas with others.
Lesser Hall, Kirkintilloch Town Hall, Thursday 25 January, 7:00 – 8:30pm
St Marys Church Hall, Saturday 27 January, 1:30 – 3:30pm

Christmas Tree Lights


Christmas_Tree_2017We hope that the new lights on the Christmas tree will last the festive season. Unfortunately when the electrician went to connect the lights that were ordered it was discovered that the council had completely removed the electric connection point that he was planning to use. A quick fix was to place solar lights onto the tree. However this was quickly identified as being insufficient, due to our dark days. Melissa from RMG acted quickly on Tuesday morning to acquire new lights that are battery powered.

These lights work on a cycle of 6 hours on and then 18 hours off. The lights should therefore be coming on around 1630 each day. Next year we will be looking to install a power supply to the area where the tree will be placed. In order to make things work the Residents Association does need people to volunteer to help out and share the workload. Please see the events post for the next committee meeting where new members will be welcomed.



Urgent Appeal : Committee Members Wanted

With the inaugural Woodilee Residents Association less than a week away (Monday 18th September,19:30 at Lenzie Academy) we are still looking for representation from Woodilee residents to help form the committee.  If you have any experience which may benefit the Association then please consider standing for one of the many positions.  Without a sufficiently sized committee it is possible that areas within the development do not get the representation they deserve/need.  In terms of commitment we envisage there being one committee meeting per quarter (dates/times to be agreed by those elected) with some effort likely outside of those meetings to progress initiatives.

We need the following roles filled (as a minimum) :

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

In addition, we would prefer to have one individual from each development phase represented on the committee so that any decisions reflect aspirations from around the development.  e.g. :

  • Cala Phase 1
  • Cala Phase 2
  • Charles Church
  • Miller Phase 1
  • Miller Phase 2
  • Springfield Phase 1
  • Springfield Phase 2

It is possible for a person holding a primary role (e.g. Chairperson) to also represent one of the developments (e.g. Miller Phase 1).

If you are interested you can either put your name forward on the night (Monday 18th September, 19:30 at Lenzie Academy) or, if you would like some support in advance, please reach out by filling in our Contact form.


Volunteers Required

Volunteers Required – No ongoing commitment – please read on.

In order to form the Association we need owners from at least 180 different properties to vote in favour of the Association being formed. These can either be votes in person at the meeting, or in the form a proxy vote which could be secured before the inaugural meeting.

We have a number of volunteers already to go round the houses in advance to talk to fellow residents about the number of votes required and attempt to secure proxy votes (or ensure they’re going to turn up and vote). Instruction will be giving to anyone willing to help, and you’ll only need to cover around 20 or so households (depending on where we get volunteers you may not be covering your own street).

If you live in any of the blocks of flats (Persimmon/Springfield/Charles Church) then we could do with your help as access to those buildings is difficult.

If you can help please click here to contact us.