Shop Local

Shop Local

The Woodilee Residents Association are delighted to be able to offer a facility for businesses owned and operated by individuals who live in Woodilee Village to advertise their products and services to other residents. Every month we will promote to our followers on Facebook a page on our web site at containing details of all businesses who have registered for this scheme.

There is no charge to businesses for this service, but if you’d like to offer a discount to residents of Woodilee Village then this would help encourage the Shop Local ethos.

If you’d like to advertise on our web site and have your business promoted monthly please send an email to with the following details :

  • Name AND address of the business owner (will not be published or shared)
  • Name of your business
  • Two of the following 3 items :
    • A flyer (JPEG, PNG, GIF) with details of your business
    • Logo of your business
    • Some descriptive text that you want associated with your mini page

Adverts will be published on our Shop Local page :

Please note that it is not possible to provide regular updates to your mini page on the web site.