Volunteers Required

Volunteers Required – No ongoing commitment – please read on.

In order to form the Association we need owners from at least 180 different properties to vote in favour of the Association being formed. These can either be votes in person at the meeting, or in the form a proxy vote which could be secured before the inaugural meeting.

We have a number of volunteers already to go round the houses in advance to talk to fellow residents about the number of votes required and attempt to secure proxy votes (or ensure they’re going to turn up and vote). Instruction will be giving to anyone willing to help, and you’ll only need to cover around 20 or so households (depending on where we get volunteers you may not be covering your own street).

If you live in any of the blocks of flats (Persimmon/Springfield/Charles Church) then we could do with your help as access to those buildings is difficult.

If you can help please click here to contact us.