JustGiving Appeal Update

On Saturday 9th June a lightning strike in Woodilee Village caused extensive damage to the Malcolm’s home and the destruction of most of their belongings. Fire and water damage mean the property needs to be rebuilt and as a result the family have been displaced until the building works are complete. In the days following the fire a large number of people approached the Woodilee Residents Association wanting to help, but not really sure how to go about doing so. In response to these requests the Association set up a fundraising page, with the intention of providing the Malcom’s with a fund they could use to help get them back on their feet. The fund attracted donations from the local community, as well as from those further afield.

The Association have since met with the family to discuss distribution of the monies raised. The Malcolm’s are incredibly touched by the generosity shown by all who contributed and extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated. They are grateful to have the majority of their needs met by insurance and as such have asked for much of the fund to be distributed to a number of local charities. There has, however, been a negative impact on their children following the events of that day, and the subsequent disruption to family life, so the Malcolm’s will retain a portion of the monies raised to create more positive memories for the whole family during this challenging time.

The charities that will benefit are:

The Malcolm’s immediately sympathised with Babes in the Wood on hearing the group’s shop in Bishopbriggs was also badly damaged in the same June storm. Babes in the Wood offer support to local families that have been referred to them by health visitors, social workers, family support workers & women’s aid. Despite the distressing event it was fantastic to see the local community rally round, and both the Malcolm’s and the Woodilee Residents Association would like to thank everyone who donated or provided support to the family.