Broadband Working Group

10th May 2018 Update: Fibre Broadband is currently available to order for properties served by OpenReach Cabinet 6

This page has some basic information about broadband availability.

The current situation for broadband in Woodilee Village is:

  • The line lengths from the Kirkintilloch exchange, over 5km in most cases, make ADSL speeds pretty poor – if you’re not on an unbundled line (Sky, TalkTalk, etc), you should be able to find expected speeds at BT’s Availability Checker
  • VDSL, often marketed as “Fibre Broadband”, services from the cabinet in the estate are currently available (10th May 2018) following upgrades by OpenReach – it should be possible to order or upgrade through your provider
  • Some speeds, even on VDSL, aren’t the best – some houses are still a considerable distance from cabinets. The most likely solution to this is fibre all the way to your home. We are working with providers who are bringing fibre to the area (Kirkintilloch initially) to then possibly extend this to flatted developments in the estate (lower build cost per connection) and then build from there the relatively short links into homes. ¬†Connection costs into single dwelling buildings might still be the trickiest part, but if it’s bringing a connection a short distance, this is expected to be surmountable.